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Rick Stout is an award-winning filmmaker with two dozen films to his credit.
He commonly writes, produces, directs, photographs, edits, and builds motion-graphics for his films. He received a Bachelors of Arts degree, and a Masters degree, from Brigham Young University.

Recently he has been developing new products for film & consumer markets (see




Dramatic Short Films
: Three scenes from The Wednesday Letters, a New York Times best-selling novel. A book trailer was later edited probono at the author's request.
Watch the Book Trailer here.
Documentary Biography: James C. Christensen, based on the life story of acclaimed artist James C. Christensen. This 60-minute biography includes interviews with two-dozen acquaintances and family members. Watch a trailer or see the full film online.
Commercial Productions: Pinnacle Security, one of the largest U.S. security systems companies. Eighteen 2- to 3-minute films for training & marketing use. View two here.
TV Show: The Story Trek. (Credits: editor only). Fourteen 30-minute episodes of this reality TV show. See an episode online.
News Productions: National Organization for the Family, Maggie Gallagher. (Credits: writer/director/producer). Three 5-minute productions about current event issues of the family, including interviews, b-roll, motion-graphics.
Event Production: Students for the Family, largest U.S. Academic Symposium of its kind. (Credits: writer/director/producer). A 6-minute summary of the proceedings, including interviews, b-roll, motion-graphics.

: The New Economic Reality, a two-hour extended TV broadcast edition of Demographic Winter. This film was screened at the United Nations in New York. You may purchase the DVD here.

: The Lost Civilizations of North America, featured on the Glen Beck Show. It won the Multi-Cultural Award at the invitation-only Cherokee Film Festival. You may purchase the DVD here.
Documentary: Demographic Bomb, which premiered internationally at the World Congress of Families V, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You may purchase the DVD here.

Documentary Biography
: The Legato Line. An award-winning biography about accomplished pianist Reid Nibley. Watch the entire film online.

: Demographic Winter. This film was screened in the US Senate, The European Union, at the Toronto Film Festival, and the LDS Film Festival. It has been subtitled in seven languages. You may purchase the DVD here.

Commercial Productions
: Canon & Nikon Camera DVDs. Six award-winning training films for Nikon and Canon digital cameras. Sixty-minutes in length. Beginning to intermediate level training. Also, one Kodak EasyShare camera training video. Thirty-minutes in length. Beginning level instruction.
Commercial Production: Tahitian Noni International, TrimPlan 40 Production. An award-winning marketing film with several variations, three to six minutes in length.

Documentary History
: Desert Blossom. A dramatized documentary history of the State of Utah from 1847 through 1897, for This is the Place State Park, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Before 2005
Over two dozen biographies, including Mary Ellen Smoot, the former General Relief Society President of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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