Jigabot is at a threshold

Jigabot now has a proven product, an identified market segment, proven production & assembly capabilities, and some brand awareness. (See Real-World Values for more information about Jigabot.) Jigabot is at a point where its next steps are to “crank up” sales and marketing. 

The next question is whether Jigabot should develop internal sales & marketing capabilities, or if Jigabot should build its sales & marketing via partnering relationships. After all, partnering relationships can be faster.

When I think of partnering relationships, I envision finding and negotiating a relationship with one or more organizations with long-established processes, systems, budgets, staff, etc., in order to immediately start increasing Jigabot marketing & sales. And that makes me wonder, if the partnering relationship works for marketing and sales, perhaps it works for a full-blown company sale.

Over the years, there have been various companies that have expressed interested in partnering with or buying Jigabot. I have kept a list, and have recently started reaching out to them.

So Jigabot is at a threshold. To progress it needs to either develop its own marketing & sales, or to partner with another organization to do so.